The Proud Security Officer

Many times you’ll see a security officer going through the motions.  Walking the property with his or her phone texting, not being attentive to the property or even sleeping on the job.  Other times, security officers are simply sitting in a chair just waiting to clock out as soon as they clocked in.  How can you tell when a security truly cares about his or her job?  There are a couple of obvious signs that can give a good indicator that a security officer cares and wants to do well in the security field.

The first sign is uniform.  A security officer who’s uniform is ironed, boots shined and is cleaned shaven is usually a good indicator.  Think of the saying “look good, feel good.”  I remember my first day on the job as a security officer.  Not only was my supervisor late, but he was out of uniform.  He literally pulled his uniform shirt from the trunk of his car.  His shirt balled up under the spare tire, he unravelled it, and put it on right before my eyes.  It was very hard for me to take the security company serious due to his representation of the uniform let alone the company.  Looking and feeling good not only brings confidence, but people are more inclined to respect the security officer who looks like he cares about his position as a security officer and has goals.

Speaking of goals, it plays an important role when it comes to a security officer caring about the position.  Many security officers begin working for security companies because it is the first step to building a work history that is similar to law enforcement.  The exposure can help the security officer develop skills necessary to one day became a police officer.  That said, this type of security officer that represents the company with goals clearly wants to better themselves in the field.

These are a couple of indicators that can leave the client with a good impression of the security company.  Keep in mind, there are somethings that can affect a security guards work ethic which can affect the way they work.  For instance, pay can affect whether or not the security officer will take pride in his or her job or if he/she is simply there for a paycheck.  To further illustrate my point, if a security officer does not feel appreciated by his/her employers, he/she may give up trying to do well.  In the end, the security officers with goals, fair pay, and feels appreciate within the company will likely care for his/her position working for the current security company and strive to keep learning.


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