About Us

Norcal Private Protection surpasses our competition in meeting the standards of what a security guard company consists of in the industry today. As a security provider we provide much more than to deter, detect, observe and report.

Norcal Private Protection is the next generation of contract security providers. We know what it takes to keep you and your business safe, but more importantly, we know how to add value to your company by providing superior customer service and attention to detail. We take ownership of every customer’s company and property. We believe that strong communication between client and guard company is key to success.  We ensure that each of our security guards will always display pride to you and your customers through their appearance and attitude.

At Norcal Private Protection, we care about our customers and their business. We focus on detail that will bring your company to the forefront in your industry. At Norcal Private Protection we will add value to your company by providing you more than a deterrent; we will provide that first impression and customer service that will set your company ahead of your competition.

Call us at Norcal Private Protection and let us show you how we make the difference in the service we provide.


Our Experience:

With a combined forty five years we have the ability to approach any situation with careful thought and good judgement.  Our ability to think outside the box has enabled us to de-escalate high risk situations keeping liability down.  Our approach has not only built a rapport within communities, but has earned a trust with our clients.  We’ve learned that close communication with all of our clients is the main ingredient to achieving success.